Sunday, April 15, 2007

Flight of the Bird

Today there was a program at L.L. Beans called Eyes on the Owls. This is part of a week-long series of events presented for children during vacation week. Jen and Jason planned to bring Avery, he LOVES owls! So, I invited myself and met them there... it was a great learning experience. Avery was very attentive, and well-behaved during the 45 minute presentation.

The birds are not allowed to fly indoors... the couple presenting the program have several owls in residence, are fully licensed, and use the birds in educational programs similar to the one we attended today. The woman wore heavy gloves when handling the owls, and had them tethered to her waist so they would not be able to get free.

The snowy owl is quite impressive for it's white feathers and it's size. We learned that each owl makes it's own hoot song, and we got to practice hooting to each different kind of owl.

After the program ended, we walked to the back entrance so we could see the BIG BOOT. When we got to the back lobby, we found L.L. Bear saying hello to all the children (and adults).

It was a fun way to spend part of a Sunday afternoon!

Flight of the Bird is in Along the River.

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