Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to You...

Happy Birthday Jen!
The theme of the day is... GROVER... hooray! I think Avery might have something to do with the adult birthday themes this year in that household, but hey, what's a birthday celebration without the support and encouragement of your favorite two year old?

When I was looking for an image of Grover to use on this post, I found this one of Super Grover, and I immediately thought of Jen... Super Mom :) Not in the "I need everything to look perfect like a magazine" sort of super mom... but in the "I love this child so much" practical, aware, informed, happy, engaged, playful, structured, make-every-day-special kind of super mom. Avery is a very lucky little boy, and I'm a very proud mom/grammah.

Happy Birthday Jen :)

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