Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Easy Day

Today we took it easy... no heavy tourist activity! We took our time getting ready for the day and played some tunes before heading out. We walked the Iron Horse Trail, which is similar to the Kennebec Rail Trail back home... an old railroad bed that has been maintained and paved to provide recreational space for walkers, joggers, bikers etc. It's about 2 miles between here and downtown Danville, and the weather was perfect for being outside... sunny and warm! We had lunch at Marsala, a great Indian restaurant, and then walked back to the house. The rest of the afternoon I spent outside reading, enjoying the fresh air. Bryan is on a kick-ball team with his house mates and a bunch of other people, and they had a double header scheduled, so we went to cheer them on. They won their first game, and barely lost the second. It was a lot of fun watching and yelling, and generally being the entire spectator section :)

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