Thursday, April 12, 2007

Generous Gesture

My friend T-Madd at Club-E is enrolled in the Landmark Forum's leadership program. T is amazing in her quest for understanding relationships, and helping people achieve their goals. On Tuesday, she shared with all of us at Club-E her thought of the day, and that was to have Generous Listening for everyone... she challenged us to watch her, to take note of how she may or may not be generous in her listening. Now, I really only see T-Madd in passing, we work in different areas of the office, and the high volume/fast paced atmosphere only allow for brief interactions during the work day... so I can't firsthand say whether she employed generous listening or not. What she did do however, is put the seed of thought in my own mind, and it helped me to really stop and listen to what was being said around me... to not be as reactive as I might usually be. This didn't make me a perfect listerner, but it did give me a new awareness of how I could "be" if I were more generous in my listening to people, and that means letting go of my ego, being less reactive in my responses, and sometimes leaving my own opinions and ideas unspoken in the back of my mind... knowing that some day, there will be someone listening generously when I need to share!
Generous Gesture comes from the Lighthouse Collection.

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