Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chinese Breakdown

We spent the afternoon at a workshop, learning to call contradances. My motivation is to learn which tunes go best with certain dances... and to be able to fill in as a caller when necessary. Richard's reasons for attending are similar. I actually got to call a dance by the end of the afternoon... it was challenging and fun, and a lot of work! After the workshop finished, Richard and I decided, with our friend Maggie, to go to the highly recommended Chinese restaurant in town. Now, you should know that we were in Norridgewock, so expectations were not all that high to begin with. We ordered our food, said hi to a couple of other people we knew from the workshop, and then proceeded to re-arrange the tables so we could sit together. More workshop folk came in and ordered, we added another table to form a long line and sat down for what turned out to be quite a dining experience. The food came one or two dishes at a time, and even the rice didn't come at the same time as the entree. The vegetarian dish had pork in it, one person kept getting the new dishes of food brought to her, she'd eat some and then realize it wasn't what she ordered so the dish would get passed down the table. And some meals were served in bags because there weren't enough dishes to serve everyone. A mixture of stainless steel flatware intermingled with plastic cutlery... a pint of lemon sauce for one serving of chicken... and the only meal served steaming hot was the last one brought to the table! The only thing missing were the Chinese cooks and wait people... it's possible there was actually only one employee in the establishment, and he was Caucasian! We had to wonder, where did the rave revue of the restaurant get started!?!?
The conversation was priceless though, and it made the entire meal a positive experience. Stories about how each of us first came to contradancing... other dining stories... lots of laughter. We couldn't have had a better day if we'd planned it out. Our homework between now and the next class is to prepare a dance and be ready to call it at the Fairfield Contradance.
Chinese Breakdown can be found in the Fakebook as well as other resources.

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