Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ways of the World

Jen, Avery and I spent part of the day browsing at World Over Imports in Bangor. This is one of our favorite places to look for interesting gifts and special bargains. We were not disappointed today... we each found a few things to purchase... some for our own homes, and some to put away as gifts during the year. The nice thing about finding interesting gifts at a good price and putting them away is that when an occasion comes up (planned or unexpected), having a stash of potential gift items in the closet comes in pretty handy... much more economical than running out to purchase something the day before (or the day that) you need it! I like the idea of making gifts, and I like to put some of those away too, but truth be told, time is a commodity these days and home made gifts are not easy to come by on short notice. Also, to be honest, it's fun to find some little thing to brighten up our own home now and then, something to add a little "special" to our world. Today I found some pretty candle rings for the dining room table... an arrangement with little leaves, and some clear beads that remind me of glistening ice crystals on the evergreens outside this time of year.

Even better than the good deals we found was the time we spent together. Jen and I have a nice relationship, one where we can discuss important things like colors we want to use to decorate our homes, and even more important, the unspoken bond between mom and daughter that now goes beyond to include grammah and grandson. We share a lot of common personality traits and also share a certain way of looking at the world that not everyone can appreciate. Whether it is a reality check or not is up for debate, but it sure is nice to spend time with someone who "gets you" in ways that are non-verbal. These are the ways of the world I think... that we all seek some kind of understanding with someone.

Ways of the World can be found in the Fiddler's Fakebook.

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Anonymous said...

I love World Over Imports!! LOVE LOVE...Haven't been there in ages. There is one in Lewiston. :)