Monday, January 01, 2007

Ice House

Ice on the greenhouse windows...
...and on the trees in the yard.
Our first adventure of the New Year was to attempt driving to the Portland Jetport. Bryan was scheduled to fly back to San Francisco early this morning. The weather forecast called for freezing rain mixing to sleet and then rain . An early check of the thermometer at 5:00am gave a reading of 22'F, and went up to about 29'F by 6:00am. We packed up the car, scraped ice off the windowshield, and headed out. We got a little more than a mile from home when we made the decision to go back home, having to abandon the car on the side of the road and walk because the roads were covered with ice! We got almost all the way back home when a town sand/plow truck went by, giving us hope that we'd be safe in heading out a bit later. Bryan arranged a different flight, so we're having some breakfast and another round of coffee before making another venture out. What a way to start the new year!

Ice House comes from the Portland Collection, Volume Two.

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Tonya said...

Yesterday was terrible!! I cannot believe you had to drive to Portland yesterday! You are WOMAN! I miss ya sweetie! Happy New Year. See you at the club tomorrow....unless I take another day off.