Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Portland Fancy Reel (Real)

For real, we dropped Bryan off at the Portland International Jetport to finally begin his journey back to San Francisco. We'd not even gotten out of Portland when the cell phone rang, and even though B cannot believe I DARED to answer, I did... he was calling to let us know that his flight was again over-booked and he didn't have a ticketed seat... and he was waiting on stand-by. We offered to turn around, but he said there was NO WAY he was heading north again, and he'd wait to get a seat on a flight out :) We've had a fabulous holiday season, having good visiting time with the kids at various times... and in spite of last night's joking about "12 hours of getting this kid on a plane and he's STILL HERE" we truly have loved the house being full of laughter and conversation with these children of ours.
This afternoon it's quiet... sunshine streaming in and warming the house... trees swaying in the wind... and I relax and reflect... and plan because I love to plan things... planning helps me feel grounded and focused, helps me direct my activiites in positive direction with some expected outcomes that give me a sense of achievement.
Portland Fancy Reel comes from the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes.

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