Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Box

Club-E has gone digital... x-ray that is! We got our first "real time" training today. There are a couple different areas of learning. First, positioning of the sensors is very similar but slightly different than using standard film... plus there's this "tail" attached to the sensor that has to be allowed for. The other part of the process is the computer. Setting up templates to receive the images, getting the timing sequence just right, and then manipulating the images once they've been acquired... this is all new as well.
The training went great. As with anything new, the next few weeks will bring many questions and suggestions. We have a dozen or so team members who will be taking these x-ray images so I anticipate lots of input! We have another training session scheduled in February, this time with a professional from another office... she will come and answer our questions, and point out tips and techniques to enhance the basics we are learning right now.
This "new box" means lower radiation for the patient, faster diagnosis "in the chair", and the ability to instantly critique and improve the images we take.
New Box can be found in Along the River.

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