Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cold Frosty Morning

We've had a few of those of late... Loyal blog-viewers have probably been wondering "Where is the Fiddler and what has she been doing?"... Take heart and know that we have not frozen off the face of the earth...
We've been fairly busy these cold days of January, but have still not resolved the computer issue. There has been some discussion on replacing the laptop I was using, but we're waiting for a sale. There's this laptop that I am using right now, and we were able to retrieve my old documents and photos, but I still haven't "settled in" at this new computer. Apparently I'm some type of creature of habit because I'm still mentally and emotionally attached to the old computer and am not letting go. But, I'm working on it, and this post is the first step in that direction! (Everyone say a little "Hooray" for me, haha)... So, what have we been doing, you wonder? Let me tell you!
Richard and I went to the North Whitefield contradance (held every fourth Friday) and had a fabulous time dancing and chatting with friends. On Saturday we ventured north to check out the Hampden fourth Saturday dance, with Jen & Avery (this after a wonderful dinner at Jen & Jason's)... Sunday and Monday we worked on tax stuff... Tuesday we hosted the jam here at home... I walked around the woods, following some of the better traveled deer trails in a search for the "Winter Yard"... I have an idea where they might be bedding down, but I didn't want to alarm or otherwise disturb them, I was only hoping for a glimpse of deer in the woods but that didn't happen... I'll continue to walk around that area and see what I can see... Working on new fiddle tunes, working on technique, working on putting together medleys of tunes, working on alternate variations of the tunes... all this as part of a group effort for me, Richard and our guitar friend Paul to form a band. We're pretty excited about the possibilities. And in addition to that, we're working toward playing at the DEFFA festival at the end of March, at the Oyster Dinner in Vienna early in March, and the Norlands when they start their season again. A trip to San Francisco is on my mind, browsing through seed catalogs, and countless other projects run through my mind at any given moment.
So, live is good, even if I'm not blogging... but I miss sharing what's going on, so I'll make a better attempt to do it... Amazing to realize that today is the last day of January 2007... The time flies by too quickly, and I am reminded that life is short and we owe it to ourselves and to those around us to live like all the little sayings recommend... "Live life as an exclamation, not an explanation!"... "You only go around once, go for the gusto"... Do you have any favorites? I like the ones that are positive, and encourage action...
Cold Frosty Morning can be found in the Fakebook (listed as Frosty Morning).

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kilroy said...

I've been waiting for an update. Thanks! Don't Freeze!