Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This is the time of year when my skin gets dry and my lips get chapped. Staying hydrated and moisturized is a challenge... using moisturizers, lotions, and lip gloss help to soften dry skin and protect against dryness... it's just as important to drink plenty of water to hydrate internally.

Instruments need to be tended to as well. Using Damp-Its is an easy way to introduce moisture into fiddles, guitars and stand up bass... keeping a water pot on the stove and having healthy houseplants also helps maintain a comfortable humidity level. We recently had a humidifier installed on our piano... it is silent and uses very little electricity.

I spent my vacation day well. I had many options, but chose to play music as my main focus. I played in hour increments... and in the alternate hours I got smaller chores and tasks completed, like going to the transfer station, making cookies, taking a walk outside, shoveling the walkway, getting the mail, taking out the composty stuff, sorting through piles of sheet music. I'm glad I took the time off and that I used it for personal gain, it was a fun day.

Waterbound is a tune from the Fiddle Music of PEI.

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