Monday, January 15, 2007

Reel des Onions

Mmmm... delicious and nutritious. This is the first evening I've actually cooked anything more than microwave nachos since last week! I pan browned pieces of boneless pork with freshly chopped garlic... added chunks of onions and peppers (yellow, red, and green) and seasoned with sage, parsley, pepper and garlic powder. A glass of Syrah rounds out the meal. The table setting is for the photo... I brought the meal into the den and watched the news rather than sit at the table :)
Ahhhh. The living room is finally back together! How nice to fill the wood pile, put the furniture back in place, put away the ladders, and watch it snow this afternoon. It's been a busy few days, but definitely worth it. I think it would have been difficult to get this much done if R was home... only because it takes time away from the project to fix meals, and even to sit down and eat.
In other news, the snowstorm came and went with some minimal accumulation, and some minimal amounts of sleet. I was prepared to hunker down here, light the oil lamps and cook on the wood stove, but no need. I did go out on a "Snow Emergency" ride. For anyone who is not familiar with a "Snow Emergency", it's a term I heard years ago on Prairie Home Companion. Essentially, it's when the weather is so bad that people are encouraged to STAY HOME and not go out on the roads... but instead of following that recommendation, you NEED to go out for MILK or something else... all in the guise of maneuvering on snow covered roads and byways. My "Snow Emergency" did not have anything to do with grocery purchases, but I did have a nice visit with Kathie & David, and with Mom & Dad. Now I'm safe at home, enjoying the evening.
Reel des Onions can be found in the Portland Collection.

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MaGreen said...

we went to utah and had a couple snow emergencies over the break. we drove home from my mom's boyfriend, one night, in a blizzard, so grandpa wouldn't be lonely. at like 15 mph. it was beautiful.