Friday, January 05, 2007

Tartar Frigate

We spent our evening at the Belfast contradance with a core group of musicians surrounded by as many drop-in players as show up... tonight there were about 15 people (including Richard and me) playing tunes to about 100 people... all this at the community dance! There were a lot of children and families, and it appears they've been paying attention at previous dances because they looked GOOD out there on the floor!

This dance started a little over a year ago, and has grown stronger with each passing month... amazing to see what can happen with good planning, publicity, and a community of support. The community dance is followed by a dessert potluck & social time and then that is followed by the regular contradance, which is also well attended. Tonight's regular dance band was Frigate with Glen Loper, Fred White, and Steve Muise... they're amazing... and the caller was Adina Gordon, who we also heard at the New Year's dance. Great fun. Quite a few dances give tickets at the door... numbers are drawn at the breaks and prizes are given out. Often times the prizes are CD's, and I think tonight they were giving out tickets to get into the dance.

Tartar Frigate comes from the Portland Collection Volume Two.

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