Saturday, January 20, 2007

Master of the Dance

We completed the second workshop in the caller's series. The first was held two weeks ago at the Somerset Grange in Norridgewock (you may remember the post)... today we met at the Victor Grange in Fairfield Center. The workshops were great~ a nice balance of instruction, dancing, and feet-to-the-floor practical application. After the first session, we were given a homework assignment to find a dance that we would actually call, live with real dancers! Admittedly neither Richard or I prepared before this morning, but we did each manage to come up with a couple of dances that we might be able to do. We got to try them out this afternoon with our fellow students... and we got to hear their impressions and suggestions. This was SO helpful. When it came time to call the dance, it was still fairly nerve-wracking but we were also very prepared. Everyone did a great job, including Richard and me! I called Haste to the Wedding and Richard called Jenny Goes to Camp.
So, for anyone out there who is looking for a caller or band to put on a contradance for your organization, we're your contact! We have opportunities for more instruction coming up, and feel like we could put a short program together successfully. In addition to feeling more confident about calling and playing for contradances, we met some wonderful people through this workshop... some individuals... and especially one family that is learning to dance and call and carry on the tradition of New England contradancing.
Master of the Dance can be found in Along the River.

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Contradancing is FUN!