Wednesday, July 19, 2006

After The Storm

Our electrical service has just been restored this evening, hooray! We lost our power Tuesday afternoon when a very strong and violent storm ripped through central Maine. I was working in Augusta, and the storm came on suddenly... darking the sky, wind bending trees over, torrential rains dumped, and anything not nailed down being hurled through the air.
We lost power at the office, and after closing things up I headed home. On the way, I saw numerous trees either broken off and shattered on the ground, completely uprooted like the one in the photo above, or broken and hanging over utility lines. The latter is what caused most of the power outages I believe. We were quite fortunate at our home not to have incurred any damage from the wind or rains... but we were subject to downed lines between here and Augusta.
We have a generator capable of running the refrigerator, and that saved our food. Candles and lanterns provided light, the regular Tuesday jam happened and provided entertainment... the barbecue grill cooked our meal last night, and I went in to the office early to shower this morning before work. No problems! We went out to the Liberal Cup with friends, and that provided this evenings meal and festivities... when we got home the party lights were on in the house, what a nice greeting!
What we learned is that we can comfortably survive quite nicely out here without power, and also that we really appreciate that we have power here rather than living totally off the grid. Not a bad day or so, other than minor inconveniences. What did I miss the most? Blogging to my family of course!

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