Saturday, July 08, 2006


This morning, these fiddlers are starting their day with a trip to the local library! The Cary Memorial Library right here in Wayne is having a book sale... and we LOVE book sales! Both Richard and I are avid readers, though Richard makes more time for that pasttime than I do. Most often my reading is done at the end of the day when I go up to bed... taking some time to read as I mentally unwind and get ready for sleep.
One of my favorite authors is Chris Bojhalian, write of Midwives, Trans-Sister Radio, Water Witches among others.
Another favorite is Bill Bryson who wrote A Walk in the Woods, Notes from a Small Island, Neither Here Nor There, The Lost Continent and others.
And I love reading Helen & Scott Nearings accounts of rural living in Vermont and in Maine, as well as any information about them.
Reading for pleasure or for practical knowledge keeps any fiddler well informed and much more interesting when in social situations. And the books we choose to read help to build our character and shape our perspectives I think.
What are your favorite books?
Which authors do you seek out at the book store or library?
Waynesboro is a tune from the Portland Collection and is billed as 'an American version of an old Irish reel'.


B said...

I like trashy, Dean Koontz type stuff when I'm travelling. It's thoughtless reading, but helps pass time. Before bed is usually something like a nuts-and-volts magazine. If I have time to read during the day, I try to make it a book on something I'd like to learn. Currently, it's PHP/MySQL. Boring, eh?

SK said...

I tend to read non-fiction in my spare time. Currently, it's a book about Giant Squids, which is written in a really pretentious and idotic manner, but occasionally there are interesting bits that make it worth my while. For example, the section on What Squids Think About When Seeking a Mate: What color shall I be tonight? Should my skin be bumpy, or smooth? Would I look better swimming upsidedown, or rightsideup? Very important matters.

One of my favorites is The Botany of Desire, which you would enjoy very much. It's a clever comparison between human needs expressed in terms of common plants, AND it's well written. I'll bring it next time I visit.