Monday, July 10, 2006

Farmer's Joy

Tomorrow, Tuesday, afternoon Richard and I will join our friend Jeff in Kennedy Park, Lewiston to play at a Farmer's Market. This has been organized as a supportive effort to encourage gardening and farming as an economic benefit, in part to help refugees and other displaced and less fortunate people. We will be playing some tunes at a moderate and comfortably fun tempo... a small jam session if you will. This is exactly the kind of thing I've been so wanting to do! I love playing at the dances... the pace is fast and the time goes by fast, and it's a stretch and a growth experience for me, and for Richard. We also love the jam sessions with friends because we get to practice the old favorites and standards as well as learn a few new tunes while we visit with people. But, when I think about the kind of music I love (jigs, reels, old-time fiddle tunes etc) and the kind of environment that I want to share that in, I think of Farmer's Markets, community gatherings, and barn events... very comfortable, sometimes slower and sometimes a little faster paced, but all for the listening of those around. It's fun to dance and it's fun to play for dancers, but it's also nice to play for the pure joy of making music, and that's what I envision our time in the park tomorrow... for those of you out there sending good thoughts to the higher powers that be, whoever or whatever they are, think of fair weather and a good attendance of market vendors as well as customers... it will serve as a good foundation for future markets in central Maine as well as the broader community!

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so how did it go?