Monday, July 03, 2006

High Dad in the Morning

This one's for me dah...
to show him what his girl's made of these days :) There was a time when I would not have thought it possible for me to climb this high on a ladder for any reason (other than rescue my children, but thank goodness that was never necessary). When we bought the place, I knew (and I believe I shared with Richard) that I would NOT be going up high to do ANYTHING. I didn't want to build up his hopes that he'd have a willing partner in these home maintenance high wire acts.
Today I decided I wanted to put sealer on the siding and trim on this part of the house. And Richard was going to be working on the new building. That left, oh yeah, me. So I started with the lower area and got that done easily with a step ladder. Then I progressed to go up the ladder (that R had been so sweet to set up for me) to do the part above the roof of the porch. That only left the middle section... the hardest section... the highest section. But, I just kept at it, doing what was comfortable, being careful, stretching as much as possible. Only one small corner where the trim juts out beyond the wall was just too much... Richard did that for me. It's nice to have this part of the house done! Tomorrow I'll finish up a few odds & ends of projects from the weekend... it's been nice weather in between the rain showers, and it's been really nice to not have to go anywhere!

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