Sunday, July 16, 2006

not Dry and Dusty

Jen and Avery stopped by for a visit last night. They're visiting in the area with friends from high school... and took time to pop over for a quick hello and a bath for the little guy. Avery's favorite thing at Grammah and Grampah's house is to sit on the John Deere and bounce on the seat... it squeaks! Grampah says we should oil it but Jen and I simultaneously responded "No! Avery likes it like this!" He just bounces, squeaks, laughs, reaches for the steering wheel, babbles on and on, reaches down to touch the gear shifter and then bounces to squeak the seat some more... I think he could stay there for hours! He is certainly growing up fast.
Dry and Dusty is a tune from the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes.

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jen said...

Thanks for the splash in the sink. Avery LOVES the squeaky tractor seat. He also remembered where his toy basket was... and was very excited to see all of the new toys and books Grammah had stocked it with. He had such a good weekend.