Friday, July 21, 2006

Waves on the Ocean

Monday afternoon we decided to head to the coast for some relief from the heat and also to take a break from working around the house! What a treat to hop in the car and go on an unplanned, spontaneous "date night" with my favorite guy :)
We chose Popham Beach, a favorite for both of us. The slightly cooler air did give us some relief from the humidity and high temperatures inland... but the sound of the waves, the sand beneath our feet, and having the freedom to just "be" are what really set the stage for releasing our "inner child". We took pictures, watched children and families, speculated on methods of fishing (and whether people who sit on the shore with poles ever really catch anything). We also played our fiddles on the rocks near the fort... we did this last year too, and it may become an annual event... to offer ourselves musically to the universe and to whoever is around to listen... what fun!

The sun was just setting as we left the beach. We had a not too memorable dinner at Spinney's... hopefully we remember it next year and choose another place to eat! As we were looking at, and then eating, our dinner we were reminded that LAST year we were not impressed with our meal either! All in all though, it was a fabulous date night.

Waves on the Ocean can be found in the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes.


B said...

Did you have anyone to play for this year while on the rocks?

Fiddler said...

There were quite a few people who stopped by to listen to us play... people on foot as well as people in cars who'd stop until someone wanted to drive on by...