Saturday, July 29, 2006

Last Days in Georgia

The recent heat and humidity sometimes remind me of my travels in the south in years past, which is why this tune name seemed to be good for this post. I love that we're getting such a great summer, and I love that our tent-mahal is getting good use. The photo used here is archived from our June weekend at Maine Fiddle Camp. We certainly feel like we're camping in style with this two room tent complete with main room for sleeping and the screen room to hold extra gear. For an overnight trip it's a little too much, but for camping any length of time, I like the space.
Jen, Jason and Avery will be using the tent-mahal this coming week while they are on vacation... they'll be investing in a pop up camper next spring and that will make their family camping much more enjoyable for everyone but for this year they're camping in canvas! The following week Richard and I will be using the tent for Maine Fiddle Camp's August session. With the air mattress, camp chairs, and other accoutrements, we camp in style! And we're getting the weather... Georgia style heat with Maine atmosphere... just perfect for enjoying the high days of summer!
Last Days in Georgia can be found in the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes.

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Megan said...

Must be nice to have good camping weather this time of year. . . it's been 103 or so all week. Really made me want to stay in Kentucky!