Saturday, July 15, 2006

Split Level

We split the firewood today... hooray! We prepared better this weekend by having a day completely clear of any other things to do, and by calling ahead to reserve the wood splitter at S.E.T. Rental in Manchester. We picked up the splitter at 7:45 and started splitting as soon as we got it back to Wayne, just before 8:30. We worked steady until about 10:00, took a short break and drank a lot of water... and went back to work until about 12:30 when we stopped for lunch and more water. The job was finished at 3:15, just in time to get it back to the rental place which closes at 4:00, and also get to the transfer station with our trash before they closed at 3:45. Whew! What a day! We accomplished so much though, and it feels so good to have this job behind us. I really like using a wood splitter, and after a little bit of thought about whether to purchase one of our own, we have decided that it's not such a bad idea to rent it once a year. The cost is $50/day. Multiply that by however many years it would take to break even on a purchase. Then figure in repairs and storage when not in use. The factor that doesn't really have any financial bearing is the one that actually weighs heaviest in making my decision to rent... when we rent it for a day, it all gets split in a day! I'm sure that if we owned a wood splitter, we would NOT have gone back to task after lunch. As it is, we are both VERY tired, have taken a nice hot shower, will unwind and rest for a little while, and probably be a little sore tomorrow from all our muscles being used differently. Still, we don't have to split wood tomorrow, so I still think it's worth it to JUST DO IT :)
I shared with Richard on the way home from returning the splitter, and going to the transfer station, that I feel blissfully happy about having such a productive day. Work agrees with me in a way that is hard to describe, but bliss is pretty close!

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Anonymous said...

Bless your hearts & MUSCLES!
Job well done. BG