Thursday, July 06, 2006

Belfast Jig

This evening we'll be heading to Belfast to play in the 'All Comers Band' for the Community Dance. This is a local contradance evening that has been organized by one of our favorite callers, Chrissy Fowler. Generally the 'All Comers Band' consists of some core musicians and then whoever else can make it and can play the tunes on 'the list'. We know most of them, and can play along pretty well. We don't live close enough to Belfast or have strong enough connections to have involvement with a practice group there, but it's still fun to be able to go play once a month. Our friend Jim will be meeting us to car pool there. After the Community Dance, there's an intermission and then starts the regular contradance... that has an intermission about halfway through where there is a potluck dessert table... yummm! We don't usually stay the whole evening, but we do have a good time while we're there.

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