Sunday, July 16, 2006

Warm Summer Night

We've been having quite a few warm summer nights... and days! There's something really special about the heat and humidity, the blue sky and bright sunshine, the songs of the birds and the slight breeze in the air... these things all bring back memories of the summers of my youth. My sisters and I would spend endless amounts of time playing in the field, in the "little woods", going to the store for penny candy, riding our bikes, floating things through the culvert... so many things. As an adult, it's easy to get caught up in the chores and projects that realistically need to be done in order to have the lifestyle we've chosen. But, it's good to have some fun too! This evening Richard suggested we go swimming, and we decided on the little beach near our town office... which is also only a mile from our house. What a great idea this was! The water was comfortably cool (a few cooler spots deeper down) and refreshing. I got to see a woman I'd met years earlier when I lived in Wayne, and met her friend who lives a couple of miles from us, and their daughters. We're quite fortunate to have this little swimming place so close by.

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grizzlybird said...

hello, fiddler! somehow i never came across this site of yours before. as usual with your sites, i am jealous because I want to be where your pictures are. i would die to jump in a cool lake about now. and happy belated birthday, miah