Saturday, July 15, 2006

Year of Jubilo

This is closing out my birthday week for this year, and marking the beginning of my fiftieth year! Now, I know I'm only forty nine, but this IS IN FACT my fiftieth year of 'being' and I've decided to declare it a Jubilee, like the queen :) So, though I know not every day can be most special, and I know that I am NOT the center of the universe, there will be occasions throughout this coming year when I may elect to proclaim a JUBILEE EVENT, and I'm counting on all of you to help me celebrate! I promise not to overdo it... much!
Well, that being said, I have to let you in on some special information... Jubilee's are celebrated by monarchs... and monarchs almost always have no term limit, and they are more or less absolute rulers. Oh yeah, they also are often figureheads with very little power, bummer. Like I said, I won't overdo the Jubilee thing, but I will appreciate your attention whenever I send out a little invitation or proclamation during the coming year for special events!

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