Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cake Walk

The birthday festivities have begun!
Though my official date of birth is not until this next week, the celebrations started on Friday at work with a carrot cake, and a gift bag filled with Smarties, a cool Smartie dispenser, a big box of Nerds, a candy necklace and candy watch, and a personal size can of Spam all from Justine!
This morning, my sister Deb arrived with a beautiful card and a delicious Boston cream pie which we enjoyed after dinner this evening! Deb is one of the very best cooks I know.
Richard's mom and dad (Betty and Dick) gave me a gift certificate toward a new music stand that I've been wanting... I'm looking forward to checking out this store called the Music Center in Brunswick. We had a nice visit with them this afternoon too, the first time I've been to see Dick at home since they've come back from Florida... somehow I didn't realize that until today :)
And as we were finishing our dessert, Richard asked if I'd like my birthday gift, and of course I said "Well... okay, sure". He got me this awesome new fiddle case! My old case is in pretty worn shape... the strap won't stay on and the inside pieces are starting to come unglued. This new case is beautiful, a deep reddish purple velvet interior with a place for the shoulder rest, fiddle and two bows. There's a covered compartment for the rosin and tuner, and there's a humidity gauge built into the case too. Inside the top zippered compartment is a place for personal stuff like a stash of cash, a piece of plastic, pens, paper etc. I've moved all my gear into the new digs already :)
So, even though there are a couple days before I turn the big __, it's been a great weekend of getting into the swing of the birthday hurrah. Gifts, cake, and mostly all the LOVE... what more could a girl ask for?

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