Saturday, July 15, 2006

Long Hot Shower

That's what we're going to want at the end of this day! Or maybe a cool swim in one of the local lakes... or maybe even both! Temperatures are predicted to be in the 90's with an appropriately high level of humidity... for all of us here in Maine to KNOW that it is summer. There are some years that we joke "Yeah, we got two weeks of summer right between black fly season and fall" but not this year. Granted, we did get a long stretch of rain, but now that's over it's definitely SUMMER and time to enjoy it for all it is!
Our agenda today includes renting a wood splitter to work up all the firewood Richard hauled here last weekend, we think about 4 cord but won't really know until it's split and stacked. Working up firewood is actually one of the chores I really enjoy. We'll be working under some nice shade, and we have beautiful flower gardens to gaze upon when we take a break... and there's the promise of a swim later on... and of course, the
which is a tune from the Portland Collection, Volume Two. We tried this tune briefly at a jam recently, but it's a little tricky in the 'B' part of the tune. I've tried it again at home with the fiddle but this is one of those tunes that I really need to sit down at the piano to chord out with the melody. Maybe later this afternoon when I've spent all my physical energy but still have some mental stuff kicking around... after my shower of course!

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