Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Off She Goes

Off with the old (red paint) and on with the new (green paint) for a fresh new entrance to our home here in Wayne. The bright red door was never my favorite , though we've seen a lot of homes with the front door this color once we moved here (funny how you notice things like that all of a sudden). The paint was flaking, the knob kept jiggling loose, and it just didn't make for a nice feeling of "Welcome!".
This being our first full weekend home without other things on our 'HaveToDoList', I chose a few high priority projects that had been on my mind... the first of which was to UPDATE THE FRONT ENTRANCE.
The result is a beautiful freshly painted green door, a new lockset, and some lovely pink flowers to greet all who enter... and just as important, to greet ME when I come home 'cause it's all about setting the mood before you get into the house! Richard likes this new color too, by the way! This color is called 'Campground' and is put out by Glidden. I scraped the flaking paint, wire brushed and then used steel wool, vacuumed up all the dust and then wiped the door down before priming it and putting two coats of paint. I was quite proud of myself for changing out the lockset unassisted... we chose an antique brass finish Schlage brand, and will use the same products on the back door.
The flowers came from Gingerbread Farms here in Wayne, my favorite place to look for annuals, perennials, herbs and shrubs. With the help of Sue, we chose some pink daisies and an assortment of pink petunias. I also have some pink geraniums (which you can't see in this photo). I got another light pink geranium but I think it might go out by the back door.
What's next on the agenda? I'm not sure. I have, as mentioned, a mental 'to do' list, but I choose from it as the mood strikes me and the weather presents itself rather than being rigidly attached to anything written on paper... that method suited me well in the past, but I like the way things happen these days with more consideration of what I FEEL like doing. Lots more fun! Well, off I go to see what I can do today!
Off She Goes is a nice jig that you can find in several resources including the New England Fiddler's Repertoire, the Fiddler's Fakebook and the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes. It's a tune that we played at Fiddle-icious this past year too.


Megan said...

I like the new door and the flowers. It gives it a whole different feel. Good "welcome home" feng shui!

Tonya said...

Yes, I would agree with Megan! Pam I love the green and I like that you are adding it to your trim!!!!!!!!! :-)