Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bertil Ferneborg Vals

The east and south borders of the lawn are dense with ferns, creating a beautiful transition from trimmed lawn to woodland forest. This is one place where we've allowed nature to make the beauty happen without our (my) interference. Living a bit off the beaten track, we have a great opportunity to live less fussy than when living in a neighborhood where there are expectations (spoken or unspoken) of how the yard should look. I'm happy to say that this summer, living here at Fiddle Ridge I've been blending my own personal expectations of a nice looking yard with the practicality of time crunches that occur because we're playing music, dancing, or engaged in any other fun activity. It's working! There are moments when I wish I had the energy to do more, to have it all "perfect", but overall I'd say I am really happy with our space here. The ferns are a nice reminder than we humans do NOT have the final say on professional style landscaping!
Bertil Ferneborg Vals can be found in the Waltz Book Volume Two (the teal book).

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