Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tight Line Fishing

I have a way of being, and I have a way that I want to be. I like to be organized mentally as well as physically, knowing that I can locate things (like a particular CD) or that I am ready to take part in any situation.
I somtimes find my life getting out of control, that I feel like I'm hanging on for dear life so I don't fly off the ride, that I forget very basic things that I need to do... that's when I know it's time for me to re-examine my priorities and activities in all areas of my life to regain personal control, balance and harmony. I want to have accountability and integrity, to take responsibility for my actions and reactions. Part of that means to sometimes say "No, thank you"... either to the fun stuff so I can keep up with chores, OR to the chores so I can do the fun stuff. Balance and organization, keeping priorities in focus... those things are key for me.
I read recently that when life gets chaotic mentally, it often shows up in other areas... like a messy closet or a disorganized shelf of CD's. Cleaning just one small area up, putting things back in order, feeling a small sense of control and satisfaction is the first step in cleaning things up mentally. I think it's true. So, today I re-organized the CD's by putting them back in their cases (I still have eight empty cases and no extra CD's) and re-filing them by category and alphabetically by artist. This is how I like them to be... easy to go and get a particular CD because it is in its place. This is now I like my life to be... easy to live fast and hard sometimes because I've put my time in doing the chores and maintenance to keep things in order.
What I do not like is shuffling things back and forth, not taking the time to put things away, not taking the time to clear up conversations, not taking the time to appreciate all that I am. And in not doing those things, I am not prepared to fully engage with the people and activities around me.
So the CD's are in order. Now for my life!
Tight Line Fishing comes from the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes.

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