Friday, August 11, 2006

In the Pines (Thursday)

Whether we were under the big central tent listening to presentations...
in our nests at class...

or maybe in a specialty workshop learning something fun like yodeling or shape note singing, the tone for this week was sharing.
Young and old, experienced and novice, native Mainer or traveler from away it doesn't matter when it comes to music. Sharing a tune is like sharing a story with someone. You may or may not speak the same language or dialect, but once you open yourself to hear what the other has to say it doesn't take long to begin to speak and share together. First you pick up a note, then maybe a phrase... with enough listening, and enough sharing you soon find you're playing along, and that in the playing you've made a friend and established a connection with someone.
Thursday night there was a disco, quite unexpected for me because it doesn't fit the traditional feel of camp... but there we were in the dark with flashing head lamps and colored glow sticks dancing with all ages of campers to the sound of a cello and drum jam for about 20 minutes just before curfew. Amazingly fun for everyone, young and old.

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