Saturday, August 12, 2006

(In)-convenience Reel

How tricky would you think it is to type with one hand bagged up like this? This is an old tried & true remedy for getting stubborn splinters ejected from your body... to sweat them out. If this works, there will be hearty rounds of applause to my mother-in-law for remembering this prescribed treatment from her years of working in the infirmary! Stay tuned for an update tomorrow!
In other news today, Avery has learned to wink..well, he actually responds to requests by blinking... and then clapping his hands together and cheering "yay"... this he learned from his Grammie Richard this afternoon.
Avery, Jen and I had a fabulous day of shopping in the Old Port and in Freeport... A has the swipe move of the credit bcard down perfectly!


B said...

looks like you might suffocate it out too!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that they didn't see you on Monday! I agree that does suck! Nothing like wasting energy in all ways! well, at least it looks like camp is fun! Hope to see you soon! xo