Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lighthouse Sisters

It's Sister's Night Out this evening and it's way overdue! My sisters are and have always been my lifeline to reality. When my priorities are askew, when my ego is out of control, when I get so busy I can barely find time for myself... that's when I know it's time for a sit-down heart-to-heart with the girls who know me best. It's not about seeing each other daily, or even every week. It's not about sharing every detail of our lives. It's not even knowing our current most important goal in the world. It's about trusting that we have so much in common, that our roots are so ingrained, that we are so solidly, totally US that to know one of us is in many ways to know all of us. So, maybe the most important time to regroup with the sisters is when I don't know myself... you know, those times when you lose sight of who you are and what you're all about... I think we all have a day like that now and then. I like to think I'm more grounded after SNO. We'll talk, we'll laugh, we'll gossip, we'll dream... we'll be little girls and we'll be women.
Lighthouse Sisters comes, appropriately, from the Lighthouse Collection.

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