Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cutting at the Point

An update on the splinter situation... still there but not for long. Monday morning I see a surgeon to remove whatever is lodged deep in the pad of my thumb. From the change in density, we're guessing it's fibrous, probably a piece of root since I got it digging in the flower garden. Richard was able to use an adaptor on his scanner to capture the x-ray image in a way we could post... cool technology and cool husband!
Cutting At the Point comes from the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes.


jason said...

Nice! The x-ray, not the splinter.

Megan said...

Weird, plant material doesn't usually show up on films. . . although I don't know about dental equipment ;)

Anonymous said...

now i believe you weren't making that splinter up, heh, heh.

i am also in solidarity with you on the wounded hand. tonight i sliced my hand on one of those choppers you pound on the handle repeatedly, until whatever is trapped beneath the thing is shredded. a slice right on the palm of my hand.

grizzlybird said...

i was anonymous.