Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Porcupine Reel

Monday evening I headed out to the garden to pick tomatoes. As soon as I opened the door from the kitchen to the back porch, I encountered this PORCUPINE sitting happily on the ledge! I muttered a "Whoah, what is THAT" sort of exclamation, carefully backed up, and closed the door. The creature continued to sit contentedly, not at all disturbed by my sudden outburst. I called for Richard, and he went out to chase the porcupine away with a sneaker... with me continuing to call out helpful encouraging words like "Don't turn your back on him!" and "Don't get too close" and "He's turning around, stay in front of him". I'm sure Richard appreciated my attempts at being helpful and informative as the small beast slowly worked his way back toward the woods.. casually, without a care in the world, almost seeming to be insulted that we wouldn't want him hanging around! We've seen deer, turkey, lots of birds, and now the porcupine. Fun to live in the wild!
Porcupine Reel is a tune I picked up somewhere as sheet music. I can't attribute it to anyone in particular. If anyone has information about this tune, email me and let me know.


Shard said...

Here is a reference to the porcupine reel. Perhaps we should invest in this cd!

Shard said...

And here is the actual reference, at last. Sometimes waiting can be sweet!

Fiddler said...

Is it possible we have this from our friend Jim, or is it a different CD by this group?

Shard said...

Now that you mention it, I see that we do, indeed, have this album and this tume!