Saturday, August 26, 2006

Salt River

The American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront is going on this weekend, and it's absolutely FREE to those attending... no admission, no parking fees... just lots of great music and performances, food from around the world, demonstrations and exhibits!

This festival started in Bangor as the National Folk Festival which takes place for three consecutive years in a host city before going on to another venue (this year it is in Richmond, VA) . The city of Bangor worked hard to achieve host status, and has continued to work hard to put this amazing festival on. The photo shown here gives a good overview, but doesn't come close to sharing how wonderful it is to experience five stages of top quality performers, with street performances continually showing up along the thoroughfares.
The festival started Friday night and will go until Sunday afternoon. Richard and I went up today, stopping in to see Jen, Jason and Avery (they attended last night) on our way. The weather was cooperative, and there were quite a few familiar faces in the crowd... this type of event draws people from all over the state, and beyond.

Avery amazes me every time I see him these days. He's so engaged and interested in EVERYTHING that goes on around him... and he loves to climb and run... it is an adventure being with him!
Richard and I had a great time listening to the bands, walking the festival, contradancing, eating the food, having a beverage in the Beer Garden, and most of all spending a beautiful late summer day together just enjoying each other's company... it's not always easy to manage to create that!
For those who didn't know, the Penobscot River is tidal. Salt River can be found in the Fiddler's Fakebook.

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