Friday, August 11, 2006

Sweets for Breakfast (Friday)

Food at Maine Fiddle Camp is thoughtfully prepared by Second Breakfast. They served delicious, wholesome and hunger satisfying meals throughout the week.
Campers would line up outside the dining hall just before serving time, affording a wonderful opportunity to catch up with fellow campers who were in other classes.
Breakfast typically included yoghurt, granola, oatmeal, cold cereal, sausage, eggs, and either pancakes or muffins. For lunch we'd have sandwich fixings and salads. Dinners were varied and hearty... fish, chicken, home made tempe, home baked beans with ham, mussels... all served with freshly cooked vegetables in season.
Coffee was always available, as was fresh fruit if you needed an in between snack. Meals were a great time for sitting family style and taking part in group conversations. One thing we realized at the end of the week is that no one really had much idea of what was going on 'outside' camp. No radios, televisions, or other communication en masse though a few folks did keep in touch via cell phone. It's actually kind of nice to be 'away' while on vacation, and it certainly was nice not to have the distraction of political turmoil... easier to maintain a focus on music and just 'being'.

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Tonya said...

Spammy! RICHARD IS FAMOUS! I heard his interview on the radio the other night! :-) Hope you're having fun! I miss you!