Friday, August 18, 2006

Bummer's Reel

The big bummer of the day (though no huge surprise) is that the infamous splinter continues not to rear it's ugly head. Our visit with the orthopedic surgeon ended up being a surgical consultation. Apparently (and we had heard this from a couple of other sources) there's a nerve that runs up through the thumb, making any surgical procedure very tricky. Even with a couple of nice dental film x-rays clearly showing the location of the splinter, it was recommended that I have day surgery with general anesthesia in the hospital, arghhhhh. For anyone following this blog over the past year and a half, it will be a similar procedure as Richard had to correct his Dupuytren's condition. This will all take place on Aug 28th which was the soonest appointment available. So, until then I continue to fiddle, work, and generally function a bit awkwardly. The good thing is it's my left hand, and I am right handed. The other good thing is that though the thumb is tender, it isn't really painful as long as I'm careful, and there's no infection. Still, quite a bummer, don't you think? I'm getting tired of the saga though, so until the 28th I'm going to find other things to post about, things that are uplifting and interesting!
Bummer's Reel comes from the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes.


Tonya said...

From your friend that likes to look at things from a "layered" perspective, perhaps the splinter is trying to tell you something. From all of your postings about this infamous splinter, it has a life of it's own! Centered close to a nerve and very deeply "rooted". Hmmmmm! Do you have the splinter or does it have you? I know sometimes you think I'm a crazy crack but it really could all come down to "energy". Maybe by accepting the splinter as part of who you are, it will somehow without you even noticing, come to surface before surgery!

Vicki Walsh said something very similar to me about my "mini-me" cyst on my wrist!!!

I love you Spammie!

Tonya said...

Justine, you will NOT giggle after reading my previous post! I can hear you now!