Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Merry Sisters

This tune from the Fiddler's Fakebook makes me think of me and my sisters, we are very merry indeed when we get together!
This evening found us gathered at Deb's house for dinner, a little pot luck affair with each of us bringing something to contribute. We had chowder, quiche, tossed salad, bean salad, mozzarella salad, greek pasta salad... and cake. Oh yeah, a few vodka tonics and gin tonics with orange or lime zest to quench our thirst... very festive for the middle of the week!
What do we do, you may ask? Well, we talk about our day, our week, our lives. We discuss who we like, what things are going well for us, and our current aspirations. We laugh, we joke around. We reminisce about our childhood and how silly we were. And then we act really silly just to prove we still are.
Mostly what we do is maintain our connection... we get to be, for a few hours, the most normal people we know. We are familiar to one another, and safe. We sometimes talk of things that we are unhappy about, things we do not understand, things that disturb us in some way. Sometimes we talk about ourselves, in a way that we don't usually share with others.
But, mostly we are very merry indeed, and that is the very best part about being one of the famous Davis sisters.


MaGreen said...

you're so lucky to have sisters and live near them...good to hear you know it!

and whatever happened with your splinter? i assume it's gone, as you're going out to play your fiddle?

Fiddler said...

Sisters are a girls best friend :) The splinter has an appointment for removal this afternoon...