Friday, August 11, 2006

Blue Monday

Monday started out being a little blue but we turned it around to be the start of a fabulous week... once we took charge! Richard and I set up camp on Sunday at Maine Fiddle Camp, knowing that we'd be driving almost two hours Monday morning to get to the surgeon's in Farmington to have my splinter removed. The surgeon's office was emphatic about not rescheduling the appointment to next week, saying it was waiting too long. So, we left camp in time to make the 9:45 am appointment only to find that the General Surgeon on staff refused to even attempt to take a look much less try to get the thing out of my thumb. Can you say "DISAPPOINTED", "FRUSTRATED", or maybe even "ANGRY"? Yeah, not fun. Spending that amount of time in the car for no reason sucked. Spending money on fuel and wasting our resources sucked. Having my clearly explained situation (splinter in thumb, deep in the tissue, two unsuccessful attempts by doctors, don't want to miss camp) unheeded sucked. Missing breakfast and coffee sucked (because we didn't get up early enough). Missing the first two classes of fiddle instruction sucked.
Richard was very supportive, and quite patient while I calmed down from ranting about things that suck (thanks sweetie). The women at the surgeon's office were apologetic and offered suggestions like dropping in at another office to see if they could help me, maybe go to the ER (which R also suggested) or scheduling another appointment. But at that point all I wanted to do was get back to camp and resume my vacation and play some tunes! So, that's what we did. Thumb still sore, still unable to grasp onto anything, and being generally inconvenient... so who cares? I'd had a couple weeks to learn how to adapt to not using that part of my body, and a few more days didn't really matter. Time to get back to Camp NEOFA, settle into the routine of classes, meals, concerts, jams and practicing tunes!

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