Saturday, August 19, 2006

Great Northern Bands

Okay, there are a great many REALLY great northern bands and we can help you name a few. But tonight, WE were the great northern band as we played our first gig as fiddlehedz & company. The Norlands was the setting for this small, community based lawn contradance. Richard and I have been working toward this for a year and a half now, so it was especially rewarding for it to really HAPPEN. We've played with bigger groups for family dances, with the Fiddle-icious orchestra, a barn auction and the farmers market, all under the name or umbrella of other groups.
We are so fortunate to have had good friends to play with us today... thanks to our awesome guitar player Paul, to our fearless fiddling friends Jim and Ellen... and to Jim's wife Muffy and my daughter Jen for showing their support by being present. Jen brought Avery along too, I think it may have been his first contradance! We had a fabulous evening!
Yeah, so Avery is showing more interest in the wonders of nature than in the music, but please be assured that he WAS seen with his little hand up in the air dancing for a short time!


B said...

That is very cool that you got your own gig. You guys definately seem ready for it!

Fiddler said...

Thanks! It went really well, very low key... We were a bit nervous but I think that was in our favor because we were 'ready'... We appreciate your encouragement :)