Monday, August 28, 2006

Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin'

Ahhh, general anesthesia in just a few hours... not a big deal, I know from working in the oral surgeon's office that it's not being totally 'out'... it's more of a conscious sedation where I'll be cooperative yet very relaxed and possibly not remember much of the procedure. But I'm almost fifty, and I've never had it before, so even though I know it's nothing, it looms ahead of me as something new to experience.
I think what I'm most concerned with though isn't the anesthesia, it's how I'm going to play the fiddle and how soon I can get back to it. Last year when Richard had surgery on his finger, I remember this was his concern too and I kept encouraging him to give adequate healing time, not to worry about it. That was good advice, probably the best I could give at the time. He was not patient about the healing time however, he was out of the splint and bandages as soon as he could manage and he was playing the fiddle way sooner than I would have imagined or thought prudent. Today I understand more what he was going through... that's all that's on my mind too. There are plenty of chores that still need to be done this fall, and I'll be glad to get to them, but foremost is fiddling.
The good thing that is happening these days is that we are gaining perspective on what we are all about with our music. We're looking at all the different fiddle practices and jams that we've taken part in over the past year and making decisions on what the next year will look like for us. We want to spend more time at home, and focus more on playing community events... we loved doing the barn dance at the Norlands, we have really enjoyed the Farmers Market and we had a great time a few months ago at the Silent Auction/Wine Tasting in Freeport. We'll still do the Yarmouth Family Contradance every second Saturday at Wescustago Hall, and we may continue to go to Belfast for the Community Dance on the first Friday of each month... but we also want to develop fiddlehedz & company with a solid repertoire of contradance tunes as well as some other styles of music... maybe even a few vocal sets.
Ah, so many tunes, so many ideas... how fun to have a life partner who has the same goals and visions for the future.
Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin' comes from the Fiddler's Fakebook and is a tune I just love to play... I like it as part of a set including Skye Boat Song, Spootiskerry, Tom Morrison's Reel, Far From Home, Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin'. Any other ideas of tunes that could go in this set?

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