Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Child Grove

Little A has transitioned into a center based daycare facility! The advantages are advanced learning programs, exposure to larger groups of children, and more structure. The disadvantages are more chaos, less parental control to groups of children, and less flexibility in adapting to daily stuff. My favorite line these days? "IT'S ALL GOOD" I mean that. No matter what your choices are, once the research is done, and you set your course, It's All Good. There are no right or wrong ways to approach child care, any more than there are right or wrong ways to approach anything in life. Do your homework, make an educated (and somewhat emotional) decision, and then trust your judgment. Keep your eyes open, for sure, always re-assessing what you think you know... in the end there are so many advantages and postitive aspects to everything we do... always an opportunity for growth and learning for EVERYONE involved. The newdaycare sounds like a pretty cool place to be... I know A has enjoyed his first week there...
The only downside? They had a party today, and grandparents were invited, and I didn't have enough notice to re-arrange my work schedule... next time for sure!

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GreenDaddy said...

I agree with the "It's all good" philosophy. That's how I'm feeling about BabyG's sleep.