Sunday, February 11, 2007

Toss the Feathers

The tune of the week is Toss the Feathers! This Irish tune can be found in the Fiddler's Fakebook, and you can also get more information at on the Tune of the Week page.
At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself to play a tune a day, and to learn a tune a week. How am I doing? GREAT so far! So good that R is now joining me and we're playing more music than ever.
By playing a tune a day, no matter how busy my day is I at least get my fingers on the strings. And once I've done that, it's so easy to continue playing just one more tune, or to sit down and do a real practice session on technique.
Learning a tune a week has given focus to our playing. The tune can be a brand new one that we've heard and want to learn, or it can be something we've played before but struggle with and want to know cold, inside and out. We post the tune of the week on Sundays on a dry erase board, and we make a good attempt to play that tune at least once a day.
The tune of the week will be posted on Sundays at as well as being posted here on the blog. We'll be calling this tune at our Tuesday jam session too, sharing it with friends who come to play.

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