Monday, February 05, 2007

Ross' Reel #4

One of my goals the first of the year, was to play a tune a day, and to learn a tune a week. I've been doing really great.... so great that Richard is joining me. We have decided to take turns choosing the "Tune of the Week", we post it on a dry erase board, and then we play it every day for the entire week. It's fun to find recorded versions of the tune, listen for special techniques and variations, and then to play the tune and experiment according to our own capabilities. Ross' Reel #4 has plagued me in the past... I can play it alright but it has never sounded great and I've never been excited to play it. Richard chose this tune, and by putting some focus into it, I'm learning to play it better, and learning to like the tune quite a lot.
Ross' Reel #4 can be found in the Fakebook.

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