Sunday, February 04, 2007

Snowy Yard

Not a fiddle tune title... but I wanted to share our snowy front yard. We have a neighbor plow our road and our driveway, and then we shovel the walkways. In my younger days I would have shoveled the entire thing... happy enough to get plowed out but also just as happy to spend a morning cleaning out after the storm. I still like to think that physically I could shovel our yard and our road, and I know that given the circumstances I would definitely do it. BUT, I am so happy to be spending my time doing other more fun activities while the plow guy does his job in about 8 minutes start-to-finish. Truth be told, if the plow guy didn't come, I'd just drive back and forth over the snow and pack the whole thing down and not worry about plowing it to the side :) In this photo, Richard is busy cleaning up the area where we park our vehicles at the beginning of a storm... this leaves the driveway empty and easy for the plow guy to take care of.

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