Saturday, February 03, 2007

Possum Up A Gum Stump

I think this is the name of a tune, but cannot remember which book it comes from! I found these stumps with crowns of snow while walking in the woods this afternoon. We got about 4 inches (or more) of snow last night... certainly enough to make things pretty.
The woods are lovely and peaceful with their new blanket of white. I did not see deer tracks as I expected. You may remember that there were many deer trails a couple of weeks ago, and that I suspected a deer wintering yard behind our house... not so sure now. Perhaps tomorrow we'll venture further and see what there might be to see in the way of signs of deer and other wildlife.
We are making progress in getting old files in places more easily accessible, and I am settling in more at this computer... discussion continues on a more permanent (?) solution (nothing being permanent, haha).
We practiced some of our sets today, working on subtle cues for changing tunes mid-medley and for finishing up a set. Typically at a jam, whoever had called the tune will raise their foot as an indication to the group that the tune or set is to end. At a concert, or dance, we thought we'd like to develop some cues that are less obvious. I tried winking, but it just made me laugh because I was self-conscious (even though it was only the two of us!). We'll try some other things and find out what works for us. I love when we play tunes together... that's when I know we are truly meant for one another.
It's good to be back blogging again, even when it's just simple day-to-day stuff I want to share.

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