Sunday, February 18, 2007

Frozen Pipes

Thankfully not OURS this time!! We did have some frozen pipes a couple of weeks ago, and though not completely repaired (we are considering some long term renovation before making any permanent repairs, thereby reducing the chance of re-doing the changes later) things are under control and we are fully functional.
No, the frozen pipes last night happened in Fairfield Center. The grange there had scheduled a contradance that we planned to attend, so we got on the turnpike and headed NORTH. Richard was prepared to call a dance, and we were on the lookout for a book we left there last weekend. We got there and NO LIGHTS, NO CARS, NO PEOPLE, AND NO SIGN. Not to have our plans completely thwarted, we made a quick and sure executive decision to get back on the highway and head SOUTH to Bowdoinham! We had a really fun time all evening. The Racket Factory did a great job playing unusual as well as familiar tunes, Cynthia did a great job calling the dances, we saw lots of familiar faces, had the opportunity to discuss sound equipment with contra-connected-people, and got to dance!
The other fun thing about the Bowdoinham dance, for us, is the memories of past dances. This was probably one of the dances where Richard and I first noticed each other as individuals apart from the crowd of dancers on the floor... probably around the mid-nineties. This is also the dance where he introduced me to Katie when she was 15. Richard and I recollected that we always looked for each other at that dance, and I think we probably always danced at least once with each other at any given contra held there. Richard is a great dancer, and I like to consider myself a great dancer too... a definite attraction factor for both of us. After a hiatus from contradancing, I ventured out to the Bowdoinham dance two years ago this past January and... you guessed it... Richard was there, and sparked my interest once again. This time we were both single and available, and it was only a month after that when we saw each other at the Whitefield dance... you'll likely hear more about that over the next week since that is one of our sort-of-official-anniversaries.
So, what could have been a disappointing missed opportunity to dance because of a broken furnace and frozen pipes in Fairfield turned out to be a joyful reminiscence of young love on the dance floor.
Frozen Pipes comes from the Lighthouse Collection.

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