Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fiddler's Throne

Fiddler's here on Tuesday nights have a choice of throne... a regular dining style chair, or a three legged stool made by our friend Paul, who in addition to making wooden stools plays a great guitar. This scene is pretty typical for a Tuesday evening at our house. Friends gather with their instruments (fiddles, guitars, flutes & whistles) and we take ours out (bass, fiddles, piano) to play whatever tunes come to mind. The way we conduct a jam session is to each person choose a tune or set of tunes, name the books or resources where the tune can be found, indicate how many times they might like to play the tune(s) and how they'll indicate the change or the end... It's a lot of fun, and each individual gets their own moment of leading the session. We try new things from time to time, but generally it's a bunch of friends getting together to have fun with music. Lots of time we'll share a bottle of wine, some stories and jokes, and maybe snack or two before the night ends around 9:00. We feel fortunate to have the space to host this special part of our week.
Fiddler's Throne can be found in, ironically enough, The Fiddler's Throne!


GreenDaddy said...

Do you ever fiddle with cellists? I learned classical cello and I've always wanted to play it fiddle style and I bought a book that will says it will teach me how.

fiddler said...

Yes we have, but not here at out house jam (no cellist have stopped by)... I love the sound of the cello, and there are some amazing things that can be done folk & fiddle style!