Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Peacock Rag

Happy Valentine's Day! This is one of the specially designated days during the year when you get to commercially show your affection for those you love the most. It can also be celebrated in quiet and more personal expressions of your love... it's ALL GOOD! There's no right or wrong way to participate in Valentine's Day. I myself am a recipient this year of many acts of love and affection... how lucky am I?!!!!

Club-E made arrangements to gift us all for lunch with pot pies from Slate's this year... mmmmm... so much better for us than chocolates, and personally I like the pot pies better!

Jen, Toby and Bryan had a beautiful arrangement of flowers delivered to the office (see photo above), causing quite a stir, and evoking envy in many of my co-workers! The peacock feathers were an absolute favorite.

And Richard went out in the storm and took this photo of our home, and made me a beautiful card... expressing his love and appreciation for all that I am to him.

To all of you, Happy Valentine's Day, and I love you! I am truly blessed with all the loving relationships in my life.
Peacock Rag can be be found in the Fakebook.

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Toby said...

Well the peacock feathers are definitely interesting. The one they showed on the site was just the flowers, no feathers.. Glad you liked them. I really liked hearing they stirred things up at work for you, lol.